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Entertainment - November 23, 2021

“Ghanaians are privileged to have me,’ E.L


Elorm Adablah, better known on stage as E.L, is gloating about his attainments and rap prowess in the Ghanaian music industry.

According to E.L, he has been in the music industry for quite some time and has accumulated much expertise to make him a “Don” compared to others.

Contrary to popular belief that musicians produce records for their followers, E.L conceded that he makes music for himself and about what he feels, not what other individuals feel.

E.L. went on to add that he doesn’t go into the studio harboring thoughts to make music to please the people.

“I am a Don or the game inside, and Ghanaians are privileged to have an artiste like me still repping for the industry.

I do music for me myself, and the reason why I put pen to paper is about what I feel, and I don’t think about what someone else may feel,” E.L told Cape Coast-based Kastle FM.

The rapper adds that “it’s not about what the radio presenters want me to talk about because that is fake, and I can’t do that. So I always think about what I feel in a particular moment.

So I don’t go to the studio thinking about doing a song to please someone, so all you have been hearing it’s about my vibe,” E.L surmised.

E.L is currently on a media tour to promote his latest album “Bar 6”.

E.L also recently got acknowledged on Spotify for a personal record of 20 million streams on the digital music platform for his “Superhero”.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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